Student's Project Week of Textile Roofs - General Information


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Architects of Gerkan, Mark and partner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 3dtex - Textile Architektur


we offer the following student's project.


„Way in“



The location of Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin is the old freight area of the Anhalter Bahnhof. The exhibitions are showing old and new technical developments of mankind within an area of more than 25 000 m². One entrance building of the museum is made of brick in 1908 and was the headquarter of the Markt- und Kühlhallengesellschaft founded by Carl Linde. The second entrance is into the former freight terminal called Spectrum. Both entrances are extremely ordinary and are missing the interest of diving into technical development.

The target of the students’ project week is to design a lightweight cover defining one of the entrances of the museum with more interest. Textile structures are very early technical products such as the deployable houses of nomads and are allowing in nowadays significant and free shaped covers. The aim of the task to use as less rigid structural elements as possible and to avoid too high forces anchored to the existing buildings creating an spectacular entrance into the museum.


  • Sketches and ideas

  • Design and Detailing

  • Model up to M 1 : 10

  • Presentation

To be considered:

  • Description of the structure including anchors and support structure

  • Form finding  and cutting pattern of the membrane

  • Detailing of the membrane and connection

  • Supporting structure

This project is supported by the following persons - Thanks to all of them!