Student's Project Week - Conceptual Formulation


Together with our partners

Architects of Gerkan, Mark and partner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 3dtex - Textile Architektur


we offer the following student's project.


„Cutting Pattern“




Textile Roofs Workshop 2017 is accompanied by a student’s seminar sine the last 12 years. The students have the possibility to follow the lectures of experts in the field of membrane structures. Parallel to the lectures in the morning the students work on their own design and have the change to discuss their project with these experts.


The location oft he Textile Roofs Workshop 2017 is the Archenhold Observatory, Treptower Park und the design project of the students is to develop a cover with a specific layout of the seams. The lay out of the seams should give an additional attribute to the surface in terms of an ornament design.



  • Sketches and Ideas

  • Form finding

  • Cutting pattern

  • Modell and sketches to present the design to experts

This project is supported by the following persons - Thanks to all of them!